“The brain is an amazing and flexible tool that has the capacity to alter behaviours and improve a person’s life.”

Rustam Yumash B. Med (Russia), Dip.Neurology (Russia)

The Australian Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment (AusCan) provides a pathway for parents and caregivers looking to maximise their child’s capacity to learn – and potentially thrive – following an autism or neurodevelopment diagnosis.

Our combined approach of bringing neurodevelopment and behavioural therapies together is an Australian first and enables families to isolate and target areas of concern from a multidisciplinary capacity.

AusCan is led by qualified and reputed professionals and backed by a belief that diagnosis holds no boundaries; our client outcomes are testament to this.

AusCan represents a positive and optimistic environment that understands, inspires and supports families through these critical yet enlightening early years.

Welcome to the AusCan journey!

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